Bees & birds

Project description:
Land-use change threatens species persistence and ecosystem integrity in agricultural landscapes. Among others, insects and birds seem to be highly susceptible to agricultural intensification and the associated loss of resources. To mitigate species loss and maintain ecosystem services (i.e. pollination natural pest control), agri-environment schemes, particularly flower strips, are being widely applied to provide supplemental resources within otherwise homogeneous agricultural landscapes. However, diverging effects of flower strips on insects and birds question the universal benefits of flower strips as a suitable conservation measure.
Within this study, we aim to assess whether the benefits of flower strips for insects and birds depend on species-specific character traits (i.e. habitat requirements) and the configuration of the surrounding landscape, here the availability of semi-natural habitats.

Sound skills in species identification of birds in agricultural landscapes – visual & acoustic!

Field work:
Bird monitoring from April to June 2019, on 15 days per month, approximately 3 hours per day.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Dr. Franziska Peter: or 0431 – 880 1106.