Welcome to the website of  the Department of  Landscape Ecology. The professorship is part of the Institute for Nature and Resource Conservation at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences at Kiel University. Our working group deals with the influence of land use intensity and landscape structure on biodiversity patterns of animals and plants in agroecosystems. Our research also investigates how changes in these patterns affect ecosystem processes, functions and services in agroecosystems.

The main focus is on the process of the dispersal of organisms and pollination of cultivated and wild plants, species' property-specific responses to land use, spill-over effects of plant visiting insects in mass trapping and the effectiveness of agri-environmental and renaturation programs. In the future, a special focus will be on multi-type interaction networks, the balancing of positive and negative services in the context of Greening, the newly oriented EU Common Agricultural Policy and the influence of different aspects of biodiversity on ecosystem stability. In teaching, the professorship represents both animal and plant ecology as well as nature conservation, restoration and landscape planning

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