Abteilung Landschaftsökologie

Institut für Natur- und Ressourcenschutz
Olshausenstr. 75
D-24118 Kiel

+49(0)431/880-4030 (mornings)
+49(0)431/880-4695 (afternoons)



Foto: Jürgen Haacks / Uni Kiel

Overview and Location        
The Working Group Landscape Ecology at the Institute for Nature and Resource Conservation is located in Tower 1 on the 2nd floor of the Olshausenstraße 75 buildings. The secretariat is on the 1st floor.
Access by Bus        
The bus lines 61/62 and 6 as well as 81/83 stop a short distance away at the stops Leibnizstraße and Bremerskamp. The exact timetables can be found on the website of the local public transport (
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Map of the CAU        
Map of the city of Kiel