Investigations of the bio-ecological effectiveness of the Kiebitzholm Green Bridge & Overcoming of barriers

How do crossing aids work, how do they have to be planned, are the high investment costs worthwhile?

At the Kiebitzholm Green Bridge, these questions are examined for representative groups of species. The answers are different for large and middle mammals, for reptiles and amphibians, for grasshoppers and ground beetles and for plants. They will be published in 2011 as the final report of a 6-year monitoring period and as an update of handouts for spatial environmental planning (as presented in the project "Overcoming Barriers").


Project information

Supporter: Landesbetrieb Straßenbau und Verkehr Schleswig-Holstein;

Project Management: H. Reck



Fig.1 Animal mobility on the Kiebitzholm green bridge



Fig. 2 und 3 Mobility of locusts (Marking of C. apricarius with number code and D. verrucivorus* with code and number for recapture experiments

*Photo: by Kiebitzholm, Photographer: K. Hänel



Fig. 4 Mobility experiments in student internships (here: Propagation of Helix pomatia and re-establishment of populations)













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