Wildlife Cadastre (WTK)

Eco- and Wildlife Cadastre (WTK) as a building block for action-oriented analyses of environmental monitoring and as a basis for wildlife protection and use as well as territory information systems


Logo Wildtierkataster The WildTierKataster Schleswig-Holstein provides information on occurrences, population sizes, population trends, hazard causes and strategies for the sustainable use of wildlife species in Schleswig-Holstein. The WTK-SH was founded in 1995 as a project for the permanent monitoring of our native wildlife species. Today it is a project of the Ökologiezentrum Fachabteilung Landschaftsökologie in cooperation with the Landesjägerschaft Schleswig-Holstein. The continuation of this scientific field study is initially planned until October 2010, a continuation is likely. On the one hand, the project records the distribution and population sizes of wild animals in all natural areas using known, species-specific, biological field methods. On the other hand, the living conditions (biotope type, biotope use etc.) of the various wildlife species are described, recorded and evaluated in approx. 70 permanent WTK reference areas on a total of approx. 60000 ha of study area. The establishment and maintenance of a faunistic-geographical database of all information collected by the WTK-SH as well as the monitoring and support of wildlife biological and landscape ecological research with the collected data plays an important role.



Monitoring, population development, field hare, partridge, marten, fox, badger, marsh harrier, field use, hunting, sustainability, use of natural resources


Project information

Duration: 01.11.2005 bis 2015

Contact: Heiko Schmüser

Project coordination: PD Dr. Heinrich Reck

Scientific coordination: Heiko Schmüser

Scientific staff: Heiko Schmüser; Dr. Daniel Hoffmann

Cooperation partner: ---

Client: Landesjagdverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V.


Further information on this research project can be found on the Internet: http://www.wtk-sh.de



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