Lichen data bank of Schleswig-Holstein

A lichen data bank as source for a new Red List of Lichens of Schleswig-Holstein



Since the previous Red List of Lichens of Schleswig Holstein (JACOBSEN 1997) tremendous changes of the regional lichen vegetation were observed. Also more standardized and international criteria for Red Lists make a revision of the regional Red List necessary. For a new assessment a regional data bank of lichens was created to include all information of regional lichen records of the past ten years from publications, reports, herbarium collections and other sources. We use a map based program WinArt to get exact geographical co-ordinates of lichen records.




Red List of Lichens, data bank, WinArt



Research Project Information

Runtime: 2006-11-03 until 2008-12-31
Contact: Christian Dolnik; Gregor Stolley; Doris Zimmer
Project coordination: Dr. Christian Dolnik
Scientific staff: Dr. Christian Dolnik; Gregor Stolley; Doris Zimmer
Cooperation partner(s): arbeitsgemeinschaft geobotanik in schleswig holstein und hamburg e v; buero fuer oekologie und planung abel zimmer gbr quarnbek
Contractor(s): State Institute for Nature and Environment of Schleswig-Holstein, Flintbek



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