Mapping of vascular plants

Mapping of vascular plants of the Curonian Spit



All wild vascular plants of the Russain part of the Curonian Spit are listed and compared with historical references.



The complete list of vascular plants occuring in the Russian part of the Curonian Spit has not been published yet.

Within the scope of phytosociological biodiversity studies of C. Dolnik in different vegetation types of the Curonian Spit, several floristic data were collected which supported the ongoing floristic data collection of the Institute of Botany at the Kaliningrad State University. The species Cardamine hirsuta has first been recorded for the Kaliningrad Province (herbarium Kaliningrad). In addition, several records of rare and endangered species were notified (according to the List of the vascular Plants of the Kaliningrad Oblast by Gubareva et al. 1999): Aira praecox, Botrychium matricariifolium, Carex ligerica, Carex hartmanii, Chimaphila umbellata, Corallorhiza trifaria, Corydalis intermedia, Dryopteris expansa, Euryngium maritimum, Festuca filiformis, Leersia oryzoides, Linaria loeselii, Linnaea borealis, Listera cordata, Orchis morio, Peplis portula, Sisymbrium volgense, Tragopogogon heterospermus, Viola epipsila.


Subproject Information

Project runtime: 1998-01-01 until 2003-03-01
Scientific coordination: Dr. Irina Y. Gubareva
Scientific staff: Dr. Irina Y. Gubareva; Dr. Alexej A. Sokolov; Prof. Dr. Viktor P. Dedkov (Kaliningrad); Dr. C. Dolnik
Cooperation partner(s): Botanical Insitute Kaliningrad State University Russia


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