Moss Assessment

Bryophytes of the Curonian Spit



Bryophytes of the Curonian Spit were collected and recorded. The data compared with historical references. Species of national importance (Odontoschisma spagni and Sphagnum molle) as well as invasive neophytes (Ortodontium lineare and Campylopus introflexus) require special consideration. Campylopus introflexus has been recorded for Russia for the first time (Rasgulyaeva et al. 2001).


Subproject Information

Project runtime: 1999-01-01 until 2006-12-31
Scientific coordination: Maxim G. Napreenko
Scientific staff: Maxim G. Napreenko (Kaliningrad); Larissa V. Razgulyaeva (Kaliningrad); Dr. C. Dolnik


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