Lobaria pulmonaria

Remapping of the threatend species Antitrichia curtipendula (Bryophyta) and Lobaria pulmonaria (Lichens) in the old woodland "Pobüller Holz" in Schleswig-Holstein



In the 19th century the moss Antitrichia curtipendula and the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria were distributed all over Germany. Due to air pollution and changes in forest management the population of that species rapidly declined. At the end of the 20th only 7 stands of Lobaria pulmonaria and one of Antitrichia curtipendula were known from the northern German province Schleswig-Holstein. In 2004 only one damaged stand of Lobaria pulmonaria at one old oak could be confirmed and Antitrichia was not found any more.


Research Project Information

Runtime: 2004-10-01 until 2004-12-31
Project coordination: Dr. Christian Dolnik
Scientific staff: Dipl.-Biol. Jörg Rassmus, Honigsee


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