Subproject: Beetles



The aim of the investigation is the analysis of the changes in the beetle community, corresponding to the conversion from conventional to organic farming. Ground-beetles (Carabidae) and rove-beetles (Staphylinidae) have been selected as representative insects to study species richness during the conversion. 168 pitfall traps have been installed in the study area, this included 140 pitfall traps on the arable fields and 28 in the hedgerows, close to ponds or in fallows. Sampling period started in May 2001, interrupted by harvest and soil cultivation only. The main questions are: - How are the species on the farmland spatially distributed? - Do species benefit from the conversion to organic farming? - How do different crops, the distance to field boundaries or the adjacent biotopes effected the number of species and species richness?



Carabidae, biodiversity, richness


Subproject Information

Project runtime: Since 2001-05-01

Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Irmler

Scientific staff: Dipl. Biol. Lars Schröter

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