Subproject: Butterflies

Nature-orientated forest edges as habitats for butterflies and moths



The habitat quality of different from human impact influenced forest edges for butterflies and moths is investigated. For this purpose a comparison of the larvae occurring on trees and bushes is made. In addition two light-traps are continuously operated to get an overview about all kind of Lepidoptera in this area. The aim is to detect influences of cattle-grazing in wood pastures, starting in 2006. The results should help to optimise forest edges in agricultural landscapes as habitats for butterflies and moths.



forest edge, coenosis of Lepidoptera, wood pasture, larvae, light traps

Subproject Information

Project runtime: Since 2003-05-01

Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Roweck

Scientific staff: Dr. Detlef Kolligs; Nikolaj Savenko

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