Subproject: Environmental Education

Holistic learning within the domain of ecological farming


This subproject informs about the research at Hof Ritzerau and communicates general matters of environmental education. Main focus is put on generally understandable and illustrated description so the concerns and aims of eco-farming can also be understood without previous knowledge. Several posters concerning this item have been designed; in an additional project an eco-farming learning path´s concept is now going to be developed. Appealing and plain stations offering experience are meant to explain the grange´s and the cultivation´s characteristics, to arouse interest and sympathy for eco-farming and to make a contribution to education for sustainable development.



environmental education, holistic learning, nature experience, nature trail


Subproject Information

Project runtime: 2004-06-01 until 2009-12-31

Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Roweck

Technical staff: Dipl. Des. Doris Kramer; Mona Dahmen (Fotodesign)

Former staff: Dr. Sanna Matz

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