Subproject: Phytopathology


In a long term monitoring this research project will document the changes in abundance of pests related to the swift from conventional to ecological farming practice. Special emphasis is given to the tritrophic interactions of cultivated plant (winterwheat), cereal aphids and their natural enemies, especially to the parasitoids. The ecological crop rotation systems differ in their percentage of legumes and were compared with conventional treated fields nearby with high input of nitrogen fertilisers. Another focuse of this project concerns the pea weevil Sitona lineatus, an important pest species of grain legumes. Most of the damage to the plants results from larval feeding on the roots and root nodules, reducing nitrogen fixation and thereby the nitrogen-supply in the soil for a subsequent wheat crop.



cereal aphids, specialized predators, parasitoid wasps, pea leaf weevil, grain legumes


Subproject Information

Project runtime: Since 2002-03-01

Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. Stefan Vidal

Scientific staff: Dipl. agr. Katharina Lohaus

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