Subproject: Soil Sciences


The distribution, the properties and the development of the soils near Hof Ritzerau are investigated in detail. During Neolithic Age people started to clear the woodland which had developed during early Holocene. The cleared land was then used agriculturally. During Bronze Age and Iron Age agricultural land use was intensified. Soil erosion and sedimentation changed the distribution and the properties of the soils during prehistoric times significantly. Succession and woodland were dominating in the migration period. Agriculture was common during early and high Medieval Times. The intensification of land use during the late 19th and the 20th centuries enabled high rates of soil erosion on slopes and the development of agricultural terraces at the rim of the valley of the Duvenseebach. With the recent introduction of organic farming a period of successful soil conservation began.


Subproject Information

Project runtime: 2001-03-01 until 2006-08-31

Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Bork

Former staff: Dr. Stefan Reiß; Dr. Ulrike Werban

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