Macrolepidoptera in Schleswig-Holstein

Conservation status and endangerment of butterflies and moths (Macrolepidoptera) in Schleswig-Holsteins / North Germany



Habitat destruction, declining habitat quality and ongoing isolation of the remaining populations are the key factors why many butterflies and moth species are threatened. In this project the historical and actual distribution of the so called Macrolepidoptera in Schleswig-Holstein is researched. At the same time the habitat demands and the ecology of highly endangered species are investigated. The results should help to improve better conservation and habitat management strategies. The conservation status for every species will be evaluated and listed in a Red Data Book.




Red Data Book, distribution, conservation status, endangerment Macrolepidoptera


Research Project Information

Runtime: Since 1998-01-01
Contact: Dr. Detlef Kolligs
Project coordination: Dr. Detlef Kolligs
Cooperation partner(s): Landesamt für Natur und Umwelt des Landes Schleswig-Holstein



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