Pasture Landscape Eider Valley

Extensive grazing of a river valley in northwest Germany: "Pasture Landscape Eider Valley"



The project area "Pasture Landscape Eider Valley" is located in the natural region "Östliches Hügelland" of the county Schleswig-Holstein, south of the provincial capital Kiel. The approx. 400 ha huge area includes minerotrophic peatlands as well as flanking mineral soils. Within the scope of the research project the realisation of the nature conservation project "Upper Eider Valley" was scientifically advised. Large-scale, extensive grazing was introduced and rewetting of the minerotrophic peatlands were started due discontinuation of maintaining watercourses and drainage channels. Aim of the research investigations was to find out which short-term effects those measures have on fauna and flora and how parameters of water balance and metabolic cycle change. Generalized recommendations for how to carry out nature conservation projects of similar kind have been established.


Research Project Information

Runtime: 1999-07-01 until 2004-06-30
Contact: PD Dr. J. Schrautzer
Project coordination: Prof. Dr. H. Roweck; Prof. Dr. K. Jensen
Scientific coordination: Prof. Dr. K. Jensen; PD Dr. J. Schrautzer;PD Dr. M. Trepel
Scientific staff: Dr. B. Holsten; Dr. U. Irmler; Dr. M. Kersten; Prof. Dr. C. Noell; Dr. R. Nötzold; Dipl.-Geogr. F. Pieper; Dipl.-Biol. U. Hoernes;Dr. H. Reck; Dr. T. Rohr; Dipl.-Geogr. W. Schoenberg; Dr. B. Schulz
Contractor(s): BMBF


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